A passion for fashion and a fear of living with less

If you’re like me and you love fashion, style, getting dressed up and presenting well, at first you’ll likely be fearful of getting real with a capsule wardrobe.

There’s a fear that you’ll miss out on those sellout new black ankle boots. That you won’t be the first with the new season hottest trends. That you won’t be the most polished well presented hottie at the coffee shop.Read More »


What to do with your wardrobe unwanted’s…

So you’ve done the wardrobe de-clutter, and whether you’ve decided to challenge your consumer habits by living with a strict capsule wardrobe, or you’ve just decided to live with a little less, you likely have a pile of items that are due for another life or maybe another home.

As covered in my How to De-clutter your Wardrobe post, I recommend to sort your cast-off pile into three sections; Trash, Donate or Sell

Over the past 8 months I have gone through multiple de-cluttering phases and a-ha moments that lead me to living with a capsule wardrobe and much less stuff in general. All of which have left me with an exorbitant amount of unwanted items!Read More »

Sharing minimalism with loved ones

So it was six weeks ago that I took on this challenge of sorts. To live with less. To waste less. To live with gratitude. To create more time in my life. To live with more quality and less quantity. To open up space for more meaningfulness to come into my life.

I’d originally narrowed my wardrobe down to 40 items, then 37, and I’ve now culled down further and am living from only 34 clothing items. The benefits have been incredibly rewarding and you can read my progress here and here. I’ve introduced minimalism to other parts of my home too.

During my transformation to becoming a minimalism ambassador, Read More »

Get the ball rolling! 4 simple & fast ways to live with less now

When I embarked on the idea of living with less,  I had a strong feeling that there was more to life than what I had been repeating. I could see that by making space in my life through clearing out the clutter and mind fog, whatever it is I was searching for would shine through. I was excited to start the journey, but cleaning and de-cluttering takes some time.

Minimalising doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a slow process. And it is just that, a process. It’s a tool to get in touch with your inner self that is normally crowded by a desire for things we don’t need and general unnecessary busyness.

Having less stuff isn’t actually the destination, it’s just part of the journey. But if you are like me and you have a sense you’re really onto something here…  you probably want to get on that path towards living with less and self discovery and you want it now (you’ll learn about that too)! Here’s a few things you can do to start creating space in your life straight away:Read More »

The benefits of Minimalism!

When I first picked up the pace with the idea of a capsule wardrobe, I knew it was something I needed to do, particularly for the non-shopping part of the concept! But at first I just couldn’t get my head around what the big deal was or exactly what I would get out of it. I suppose when the benefits are non tangible  it is more difficult to see and describe.

Out of curiosity and intuition that this idea was a good for me, I started living with a capsule wardrobe Read More »

Your first Capsule Cut- How to declutter down to a Capsule Wardrobe

Kicking off the mission of creating your first ever capsule wardrobe can be very overwhelming! Knowing how and where to start is a challenge itself and it can take a few goes and a lot of time to get to the end result. It is exciting though, and as you get closer and closer to deciding your final capsule, it is invigorating and such a sense of achievement… and that’s only the beginning!

So where to start? Read More »

7 easy and sure ways to reduce the temptation to impulse shop

When my intrigue with living with less started, I confided in a friend who I knew would be supportive. Given that a big part of living with a Capsule Wardrobe is not shopping for a full season, knowing me well, she thoughtfully asked me a question; “what are you going to do to resist and prevent times of temptation?”.  I must admit it scared me and I doubted my ability to resist spending! Here’s a few things I did from the word go that helped stop the urge to shop:Read More »