A Shopaholic Living with a Capsule Wardrobe- The Ten Week Mark

When I first started my capsule wardrobe, I intrinsically knew that it would support my over-shopping-recovery, however I just wasn’t sure exactly how. After researching and reading plenty of blogs, comments and YouTube clips of likeminded capsule-wardrober’s I found that many never really shared  their personal growth or the bumps in the road on their journey, so I thought I’d share my progress…Read More »


How I went from overspending to the savings “zone”

Have you ever been in the savings “zone”? That zone where you’re hooked on watching your account balance grow and it feels quite discomforting to touch your cash stash to purchase even the most necessary things? 6 Months ago I would never have dreamed being in the “zone”. I remember recognising that I was so far from the frugal state of mind, I was fearful I’d never be able to save again! True story!  And here I am… 9 weeks into living with a capsule wardrobe something inside me has switched!Read More »

Why I don’t like the using the word minimalism and my take on being “minimalist”

The word minimalism irks me. And the concept of being a “minimalist” or becoming “minimalist” irks me a little more.

The true purpose of minimalism I love. I love the idea of evading our obsession with stuff and creating more time and space for meaning and purpose to enter our life. That is what my pursuit is about. That is meaningful and inspiring to me.

But when I use the word minimalism, or read the word minimalism, I can’t help but cringe just a little bit. When someone asks “what is minimalism”, the answer that follows is sometimes something along the lines of: getting rid most of your stuff, figuring out what items you own really bring you joy, living with a set number of stuff etc.

Upon adopting this pursuit it can then become all about “how much less stuff can I live with?” and  “What items can I go without?” or “What stuff can I throw away?” And then when people ask how you are going with your “minimalist thing”, they often ask, “so, how are you going with this less stuff thing?”Read More »

Are you a natural born minimalist?

A blogger I came across named Ivan, who also wrote a what I call a heartsong blog (when something really sings to me) about minimalism which is here, also made a comment along the lines of being a natural born minimalist.

YES! I thought as I read his comment!

He put into words what had been ticking in my mind for weeks now! I truly think minimalism and simple living comes naturally to me. Here’s why…Read More »

Accountability, Priorites, and Mindfulness when Spending- How to keep yourself in check

As mentioned in my blog post, Living with less to save money?, the pursuit of Living with Less, or living with a Capsule Wardrobe sure does lead to some saved income. Bonus points go to Minimalism!

The other things that are saved are time, and energy spent on post-compulsive-shopping-guilt. I still do get pangs of temptation to shop. They are fewer and farther between as the weeks go on, but I get them all the same. In the past, I would purchase compulsively. I would spend my last $100 without thought, and priorities would fly right out the window.Read More »

Change how you count your money & get your life back 

One of the single best a-ha moments of Living with Less for me, is the value of time.

Time equals Money. Money equals Time. The most valuable possession we own is our time. How we choose to spend our time results in the story that makes up our life.

Every dollar in your bank account is representative of the precious time you spent earning it. Wasting your money is wasting your precious time. Calculate your hourly rate after tax (you don’t have much choice on the tax component of your income, so the after tax calculation is important). Let’s say you’re after-tax hourly rate is $17. For every $17 you spend, you are spending one hour of your life. If you don’t have $17, or lets say $170, you are enslaving the future-you to work your nine to five another 10 hours of your life.

Is that $120 dress really worth 7 hours of your life? How many times will you wear that dress and is that a fair trade-off for 7 hours?

Counting your money in the equation of time will help make your purchasing choices much more mindful and intentional.



Living with Less to save money? Or so much more?

One of the wonderful benefits of living with a capsule wardrobe or embracing minimalism, is that owning less stuff and of course buying less stuff saves money.  For the first time in a very long time, I have money leftover at the end of my pay cycle. For the first time in a very long time the credit card account has a nil balance and has been that way for months. For the first time in a very long time I’m accruing decent savings, not for anything in particular or anything I have a deadline for. For the first time ever, I have a small retirement fund. Read More »