Fashion appreciation and minimalism- do they fit?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on something I’m pondering…

This week, I was lucky enough to be in the city for Vogue Fashion Night Out in Melbourne, the epic launch of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.Read More »


One Hundred Hangers is on Facebook! A closed community support forum!

Good afternoon One Hundred Hangers followers!

I have some exciting news! OHH is now on Facebook!

I’ve opted for a closed group forum, where followers, over shoppers, and capsule wardrobers’ can share experiences, ask all of those tricky capsule wardrobe questions and talk all things fashion, mindfulness, personal finance, shopping-less and wardrobe management! And you can do so in a closed group where only members can view and respond !Read More »

The Autumn Winter Capsule Wardrobe hit and miss lists!

As the Autumn/Winter Capsule Wardrobe comes to a close, I’ve been looking forward to recapping what worked and what didn’t! 

Today I’m looking at the hits & misses from my Autumn Winter outfits. Most worn and best value items up for review…



These little espadrilles were the season winner!

They cost me a bargain $15.00 from Kmart at the start of the season!

After 14 wears they’re down to $1.07 per wear.

Unfortunately after washing the car in them, the colour has ran and they aren’t so pretty. Time to hunt down a new pair for spring!

Corporate wear in general was a clear front running winner in my wardrobe! These were my most worn and best value items…


mostwornaugwinRead More »

Two seasons of capsule wardrobing: what I know now

I know some things now after nearly two seasons– Spring and most of Summer– of capsule wardrobing. In my last post I explained the concept of capsule wardrobing: pick a number of clothes that works for you (I picked 37 items of clothing including shoes and outerwear but excluding accessories, intimates, and workout gear); lay […]

A capsule wardrobe ain’t perfect, and neither are we!

Hi there fellow capsule wardrober’s!

So… I have been a MIA compared to my usual twice weekly posts! What happened you ask?

The shopping guilt’s…that’s what happened!

See I’m a person of my word. Integrity is high up there on my list of values! And for almost four months I’ve been advocating living with less and the benefits of a shopping hiatus. From the word go it was however the plan to allow myself a little shopping for the ever important capsule rotation period. And that period is right now! So, sure enough I have hit the shops and bought a few new beautiful things for my closet. However the post shopping pangs of guilt have been tough, really tough. Shoppers remorse has hit me, BIG TIME!Read More »

Confession time!

My dear capsule wardrobe followers and shopaholics alike…

I have a confession to make…

I shopped!

For the second time in this capsule wardrobe shopping stoppage, I made some clothing purchases.

See my beautiful friend who is a fashion designer has taken a leap of courage, taken a career break and opened her brand new boutique store; Marvel Clothing.

Marvel (2)Beautiful shiny fashion torture right!?

One best-friend is on a shopping hiatus, the other is off sourcing fashion pieces and “buying” in the full sense of the word to operate as a fashion retailer.

I am ever so proud of my dear friend! And in support of this incredible venture she has taken on, I had long planned to support her in her opening week.

And luckily the opening date of Marvel was originally perfectly in time for my planned spring-summer capsule rotation week where I would allow myself to shop for a few pieces- that was before I pushed back my capsule wardrobe rotation date.Read More »

SS2016 Fashion Forecast – Key Trends for Wardrobe Planning

Hi there capsule wardrober’s!

So with 4 weeks until my capsule wardrobe rotation, after pushing back my changeover date, I haven’t even started planning my Spring Summer Capsule. Why you ask?

Partially because Melbourne Spring Fashion Week kicks off on the 28th of August, when all the new trends and colours are defined for the season which will help make mindful lasting decisions about what to wear for the coming four months.

Also, I know if I look now I WILL see a gazillion things I want to buy. I am likely to be overcome by a rush of excitement and have my heart set on a bunch of things I just HAVE TO have.

I know if I shop in one week I will see a gazillion things I want to buy. If I shop in one month I will see a gazillion things that make my heart pump faster and the overwhelming desire to buy will set in. My point being… there will always be beautiful things to shop for and just as quickly they become out dated and unloved.

So I will plan my capsule wardrobe in my designated three week planning phase, the 28th of August through to the 7th of September with one week of tweaking before locking down on the 13th of September.

But what is a buzz right now as we lead into Spring and Summer here in Aus, is a huge amount of anticipation around fashion forecasting and what the big trends will be in the coming months. I’ve done a little research of my own, and devised a summary of a few key things that will be big in this SS!Read More »