Jess’s Spring Capsule Wardrobe

My Spring capsule wardrobe is finally locked in!

And this one was a challenge. After four months of being on a shopping ban, I struggled to “let go” of the rules, to deal with the guilt of shopping and then I relapsed and over-shopped! Trying to then fit the 26 new items into my preferred 40 item capsule wardrobe then became a bit of a riddle!

For my winter capsule wardrobe, my breakdown was as follows:


Tops: 14

Sweaters & Cardigans: 5

Pants: 6

Skirts: 3

Jackets/Coats/Outerwear: 8

Dresses: 1


A few of these items went into storage or were donated along the way but this was the core of my wardrobe. I don’t count shoes or accessories in my capsule “number” as that would have been too challenging for me to start with, however I primarily wore 6 pairs of shoes, swapped between 2 handbags, and 6 scarves.

For spring, my goal was to create a capsule of about 40 items of less. Unfortunately my over shopping habits challenged this theory.

From my previous capsule, I’ve stored 20 items. The storage items entail 3 pairs of shoes, some scarves and 14 pieces of winter clothing. I have kept 29 items of clothing from my winter wardrobe to stick around for spring.

I brought 6 items out of storage, including 2 pairs of shoes and 4 pairs of clothing.

I tidied up my storage wardrobe and donated/gave away a further 20 items to avoid the cycle of accumulating too much.

I purchased 26 new items, including 3 new pairs of shoes, 2 scarves, 1 purse,  and 20 clothing items.

My new spring capsule wardrobe compiles 45 items of clothing, not including undergarment style singlets, house wear, evening formal wear or workout gear. 19 items from last season, 4 from storage, and 20 new items. Here it is in all it’s glory!


The breakdown for Spring is as follows:

Tops: 18

Sweaters & Cardigans: 4

Pants: 8

Skirts: 6

Jackets/Coats/Outerwear: 7

Dresses: 2


As mentioned, I don’t count shoes and scarves in my capsule. However I will live primarily from 4 scarves, and 8 pairs of shoes.

45 items is a few too many for my liking. Not because I chase a “number” as such. I try to create my capsule around just what “feels” right. And after getting down to having a wardrobe of about 34 items at the end of winter, I had gotten quite used to this and the energy needed to maintain a wardrobe of a small size. Just having that few extra items instantly feels like too much and a little overwhelming. I already know that these items won’t get as much wear as my winter ones, and that’s purely mathematical; The winter capsule wardrobe spanned four months. I expect this to span 3 months with a small rotation when high summer hits us. I have more items to wear over less number of days. At one outfit a day, I just won’t get the same value for money this season from some of these items.

I do however hope that given the quality of some of my purchases, they will last for seasons even years to come!

I am aware that my “capsule wardrobe” is becoming less capsule-like. For now though, I will enjoy this wardrobe throughout spring and plan to reduce my wardrobe size further next year.

This capsule will span from September through to early December where I will allow myself a few new summer items to add colour and fun to my looks. I won’t be setting a particular date to rotate my wardrobe this time, as this really fueled anxiety for me and a sense that I needed to shop just because it was in my calendar. Instead I will allow the weather to dictate when I need to set out for a few new pieces, and until then, the shopping ban has been reinforced!

In comparing the two capsule wardrobes, I’m excited that spring incorporates some more “fashion” looks. This season I’m keen to rock the midi skirt, some asymmetric lines and fold details, the wide leg pant, lace and bomber jacket combined, the cape blazer and longline split tunic. I’m excited that my new capsule is a touch more sophisticated, and my office wear has a little bit more flair!

My casual concepts


My Saturday Best’s

IMG_3791 1

My key accessories

IMG_3996 1

Corporate Concepts

IMG_4007 1


Here’s to a lovely Spring! Now what to wear today….?




4 thoughts on “Jess’s Spring Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Wonderful article – as always! I’m looking forward to seeing how you style that bird skirt!

    It’s funny that you feel that 45 is too many items. I was at 45, and cut an item out this afternoon. So I’m at 44 now, and even with two of those items out at the cleaner’s, I feel like my closet is too crowded. 40 felt right. 44 feels like the first step on the road to a guest appearance on “Hoarders” 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi,
    I have a blog called Up and over 50 and I was wondering if I might use the picture that you have for the fall wardrobe. I will credit you of course and provide a link to your site.


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