The courage to share imperfection

In recovering from my over-shopping habits, the most progressive choice made has been reflecting on my choices, my mistakes and imperfections.

Having the courage to be open, to put it out there, and to reflect is ever so challenging!

My most recent accountability posts here and here were felt like pulling teeth. Some of my admissions on the OHH Facebook forum are painful and it’s ever so scary to click that “post” button.

There have been times I’ve gone missing from writing because it took deep courage to report back on my choices.

One of my first ever articles, The Full Story, is one I still can’t go back and read.

I am however a big believer that the human spirit is a beautiful one. That the majority of the time people show up in support of one another. Us human beings are more often than not intrigued and want to hear others’ stories of mistakes and trials to be there in a positive way. 

Having the courage to be myself, my raw and open self is something I have learned to do a little better through scaling back and living with less. And I too have learned that it is so rewarding!

Having the courage to trust others and the trust world around us with our vulnerabilities is surprisingly gratifying and if only you try, you will soon see your courage becomes a magnet for trusting and meaningful relationships.

After all when “stuff” is removed from the picture, all we have is ourselves and others, the most important thing in this world!




3 thoughts on “The courage to share imperfection

      • The strength of you being honest, raw and vulnerable by admitting this, I don’t really find the word to express it but it gets to my heart very much, like you know, for once, we are just okay being ourselves, humans, making mistakes, being full of laws and not that perfect life we keep putting out. Love this, it takes courage to be that honest so really BRAVO ! ❤ ❤ ❤


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