Packing light for 2 nights – Corporate Wear

One other thing that I’ve gotten brilliant at since living with the principles of a capsule wardrobe, is packing light!

Living with a smaller amount of items to choose from each day helps us know our clothing really well. You begin to learn your favourite outfits, decision making around getting dressed becomes a cinch and you’re so less likely to need to try on all of your options before deciding on an outfit.

Throughout my years packing for weekends away and trips overseas, I have found I am slowly transforming away from the over packer with the ridiculously heavy suitcase that hardly zips up.

On a recent trip to away for two nights for work, I wore six items of clothing on the way there, my watch and handbag, I packed an additional 7 items of clothing for two nights, and two days plus 4 items of clothing for workout wear.

Here’s what wore for the three days, (I was still in my winter capsule wardrobe at this time)…


And here’s how I wore it…

FullSizeRender 3

FullSizeRender 1

Corporate packingFullSizeRender 2

FullSizeRender 4



In the past, I would have packed at least a spare five items “just in case” because I wouldn’t know what I would end up feeling comfortable wearing, what would fit me well, what would go with what, and just because I was so used to having an array of options.

Another notch to the benefits of capsule wardrobing!




2 thoughts on “Packing light for 2 nights – Corporate Wear

    • Hi Rosimar!
      Oh why thank you kindly!
      Life got super busy and for a little while there i felt like the concept of OneHundredHangers was doing the opposite for me, causing me to think about clothing, belongings and shopping constantly.
      If it feels right I’ll start writing again but at the moment it feels a bit much.
      How’s your journey going? Any particular topics you’d like to see written about?


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