7 instant ways to reduce the temptation to impulse shop

When my intrigue with living with less started, I confided in a friend who I knew would be supportive. Given that a big part of living with a Capsule Wardrobe is not shopping for a full season, knowing me well, she thoughtfully asked me a question; “what are you going to do to resist and prevent times of temptation?”.  I must admit, her question scared me and I instantly doubted my ability to resist spending!

Here’s a few things I did from the word go that helped stop the urge to shop:

1. Unfollow

Unfollow all fashion and shopping related sites and pages on your social media accounts. Even better, take a social media break!

2. Unsubscribe

If you scroll down to the bottom of any emails from fashion stores or businesses, there’s a little unsubscribe button. Not only does unsubscribing from all the “stuff” free up mind clutter and wasted time, it will keep at bay those sales and promotions that will hinder your straight-and-narrow!

3. Plan for the future

Do some research into retirement funds and investing into your future. Focus on how you can contribute to your future-self, instead of your now-self. It will keep the mindfulness flowing and put your spending into perspective.

4. Don’t shop!

This is the obvious one. But don’t head to the shops alone or with friends for at least the first 3-4 weeks of your shopping ban or capsule wardrobe. It’s an out and out danger zone. You know it! Just don’t put yourself through the anguish!

5. Boycott Online Stores!

Don’t look at the online shops either. Just don’t. The best way to avoid them is to spend your time doing something else. Maybe a hobby, the gym, socialising more. It’s surprising how quick you’ll forget they are there. If you don’t trust yourself to just “not look”, there are website blockers that you can set up that will prevent you from being able to view certain websites.

6. Avoid the Credit

If the credit card chop up isn’t for you, at least prevent yourself from being able to make those impulse purchases by removing your credit card from shopping websites and especially PayPal.

7. Apps for easy access

Delete all shopping related apps from your phone. Try playing with the ‘closet’ and ‘looks’ features of  StyleBook to enjoy and appreciate your current wardrobe instead of feeding a desire for more.

Once you commit and stick to the guidelines of a capsule wardrobe, your urge to shop will subside so much quicker than you think. Within three weeks my mentality completely shifted, I found myself being frugal with the idea of spending just ten dollars! Waste attracts waste, savings attracts savings, gratitude attracts gratitude. Whatever you put your energy into will multiply. If you are truly and properly committed to the concept of a capsule wardrobe and are clear on what you are set to achieve then this will be much more rewardring and probably easier than you think.

And if all else fails watch this! You can thank me for that one later 😊

Jess xx


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