Have you ever counted the hangers in your wardrobe? One hundred hangers? Two hundred hangers? Maybe more? Not to mention the spare wardrobe?

See, I’m a self confessed shopaholic. After my shopaholic tendencies grew out of control, finances, guilt and anxious energy eventually brought me to an almost-screaming halt. My long overdue a-ha moment has lead me to a new world of wardrobe minimalism that incorporates the ingenious idea of a capsule wardrobe.

I now have 40 clothing items in my wardrobe. Yep just 40. Fashion lovers don’t despair, they are the most amazing 40 pieces that I absolutely love! The journey of recovering from shopping and image obsession opens up a world of minimalism, creating space in our life for peace, thoughtfulness, balance, and oh-my-gosh this one is unheard of… savings!!

One Hundred Hangers is designed to keep me accountable and share my story from out of control shopper, to becoming more mindful, grateful and so much more. You know how a self help book is never the same if you skip the activities? Well this is my reflection and insight to make sure this sticks. One Hundred Hangers is my journey in living with less.

Whether you identify with my shopaholic tendencies and are looking for help, or maybe you have a burning sense that there’s something more to life,  you have many others on the same page. I hope that sharing my journey and tips help you escape the material cycle and find a little more peace in your life. I’m not there yet either, but I’m on my way.

If you’d like to read the full story, it’s right here.


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