The true cost of fashion consumption 

Recently I watched a documentary called The True Cost.

I’ve talked a lot in OneHundredHangers about the the influence of the fashion industry and marketing on our mindless consumption in today’s world. And this doco put a fresh new spin on my outlook and added another notch to my passion for living with a capsule wardrobe, having gratitude for what I own, purchasing quality over quantity, and being less wasteful.

It makes me really sad to think that big fashion chains make us feel “rich” by offering consumers new, ridiculously affordable options every day, whilst exploiting human beings in poorer countries to supply our frivolous fashion demand.

Western shoppers come home with full shopping bags of garments weekly or even daily at as little as $4.99 a pop.

We’re enabled to live the celebrity life donning new throwaway outfits every week for cheaper than cheap, whilst international garment workers are earning all but $3 a day. Read More »