The true cost of fashion consumption 

Recently I watched a documentary called The True Cost.

I’ve talked a lot in OneHundredHangers about the the influence of the fashion industry and marketing on our mindless consumption in today’s world. And this doco put a fresh new spin on my outlook and added another notch to my passion for living with a capsule wardrobe, having gratitude for what I own, purchasing quality over quantity, and being less wasteful.

It makes me really sad to think that big fashion chains make us feel “rich” by offering consumers new, ridiculously affordable options every day, whilst exploiting human beings in poorer countries to supply our frivolous fashion demand.

Western shoppers come home with full shopping bags of garments weekly or even daily at as little as $4.99 a pop.

We’re enabled to live the celebrity life donning new throwaway outfits every week for cheaper than cheap, whilst international garment workers are earning all but $3 a day. Read More »


Minimalism Bust. The shopping ban was over and so she shopped! Up. A. Storm.

My dear OHH followers and newbies alike. Recovering shopaholics, shopping ban battlers… I must tell you something. For I have sinned!

Oh yes people, ohhhh yes! I have experienced a relapse of mammoth proportions!

See, my plan for capsule wardrobe rotation was as follows…

  1. Identify what to keep in my wardrobe from winter to spring
  2. Identify what to take out of storage for spring
  3. Identify the gaps that need filling
  4. Shop for those gaps, mindfully, intentionally and within a reasonable budget (erm, keyword here, just keep in mind… reasonable!)
  5. take everything out of the wardrobe, and mindfully curate the options and place back in the wardrobe a selected 30 to 45 pieces
  6. allow another week to trial the selection and edit further if needed
  7. lock down the spring capsule wardrobe by the 12th of September

I dutifully started this process and here you can read about what I chose to keep on from my existing wardrobe. And here you can read about the gaps I decided required a shopping venture to fill.

At that point, step3,  I was very confused to say the least. I didn’t desire or long for hitting the shops. Shopping felt so foreign after months of avoiding their glittery shiny new-ness! I felt very lost and very much like I’d forgotten how to shop! Lets face it, shopping for me in the past has been all about frivolity and fun. Lest be honest, I was pretty careless in the past! I wasn’t sure being mindful was something I could do when released “into the wild”. I feared failure, relapse and the unknown! The adrenalin and excitement of a shopping trip evaded me. Such an odd and empty feeling that I’d never felt about the possibility of adorning beautiful new items. I was scared and hesitant.

I scoured online stores, browsed some shops and couldn’t comprehend the spring fashions and how they would fit in my capsule, which was at the same time seemingly becoming old and tired. I hunted excessively online for “smart” items that were wearable, mindful and practical and fit my “gaps”.

I built up the courage, and with a work trip to Melbourne I had the a perfect opportunity to use some after work time to set out with my shopping list, and complete the feared purchases.  And here comes the accountability….Read More »

Preparing a Spring Capsule Wardrobe- What’s staying and what’s going?

It’s almost spring… and you know that means? Capsule wardrobe rotation time!

This is my first ever capsule rotation, and one thing I’ve learned is that rotation is a very different story to starting your first capsule wardrobe, that’s for sure.

The first time around, I was very focused on de-cluttering, clearing the way for my glory pieces to shine through and get the love and attention they deserve. It’s initially an intriguing new concept; living with less, a little scary and exciting all the same.

On the 19th of April 2015, I locked down my first ever capsule wardrobe, and enforced a strict and reasonably successful shopping ban. I was on a mission! I saved a bunch and shopped a whole lot less than what I had in the past. And I loved it. I loved living from my 40 items that whittled down to 33 after a month or so as I became more aware of what I wanted to wear and what I loved! I also became very used to not wasting time thinking about clothing, not having to make decisions about what to wear, and everything fashion related just became a whole lot easier!

So come rotation time, I became a little displaced. It was a scary thought to “break the rules” and shop for a few new spring pieces. To make decisions again and be faced with a world full of confusing choices, not just from my stored clothing, but potentially the world of scary and long time forbidden beautiful options in the shops. God forbid!

I was on such a roll I had contemplated to continue the shopping ban and shop from my own wardrobe. I’d gotten rid of so so much unloved clothing in my big declutter, I didn’t miss any of it, but I surely didn’t have as many spring options to choose from. So before I went ahead to make any brash decisions about what to buy, not to buy, whether to shop or not to shop, I took the first baby steps to weigh up my options…

1. Decide what’s staying

2. Decide what’s being stored away, trashed or donated

3. Decide what’s coming out of storage

Read More »

The Autumn Winter Capsule Wardrobe hit and miss lists!

As the Autumn/Winter Capsule Wardrobe comes to a close, I’ve been looking forward to recapping what worked and what didn’t! 

Today I’m looking at the hits & misses from my Autumn Winter outfits. Most worn and best value items up for review…



These little espadrilles were the season winner!

They cost me a bargain $15.00 from Kmart at the start of the season!

After 14 wears they’re down to $1.07 per wear.

Unfortunately after washing the car in them, the colour has ran and they aren’t so pretty. Time to hunt down a new pair for spring!

Corporate wear in general was a clear front running winner in my wardrobe! These were my most worn and best value items…


mostwornaugwinRead More »

SS2016 Fashion Forecast – Key Trends for Wardrobe Planning

Hi there capsule wardrober’s!

So with 4 weeks until my capsule wardrobe rotation, after pushing back my changeover date, I haven’t even started planning my Spring Summer Capsule. Why you ask?

Partially because Melbourne Spring Fashion Week kicks off on the 28th of August, when all the new trends and colours are defined for the season which will help make mindful lasting decisions about what to wear for the coming four months.

Also, I know if I look now I WILL see a gazillion things I want to buy. I am likely to be overcome by a rush of excitement and have my heart set on a bunch of things I just HAVE TO have.

I know if I shop in one week I will see a gazillion things I want to buy. If I shop in one month I will see a gazillion things that make my heart pump faster and the overwhelming desire to buy will set in. My point being… there will always be beautiful things to shop for and just as quickly they become out dated and unloved.

So I will plan my capsule wardrobe in my designated three week planning phase, the 28th of August through to the 7th of September with one week of tweaking before locking down on the 13th of September.

But what is a buzz right now as we lead into Spring and Summer here in Aus, is a huge amount of anticipation around fashion forecasting and what the big trends will be in the coming months. I’ve done a little research of my own, and devised a summary of a few key things that will be big in this SS!Read More »

The influence of the fashion retail industry & mindful shopping. You can be passionate about both!! 

So when my shopping temptation hit me the other day like a spellbinding tonne of bricks, I started asking myself why the idea of purchasing one item can so quickly escalate into wanting seven! Why do I frantically scour online and have a mini meltdown when there is apparently only one left in my size?

Clearly I’ve got my share of shopping issues, but it got me thinking about the psychology behind shopping, and the mesmerising influence of the fashion industry.Read More »

Capsule Wardrobe planning and the Australian Fashion Seasons

An essential part of ensuring your Capsule Wardrobe is successful, is having a good understanding of the seasons and best times to prepare and rotate your collection to suit the weather and the current trends.

Although I am seeking a life of living with much less, shopping much less and paring down to a minimal wardrobe, I do still have a passion for fashion and admiration for beautiful things.

For all of these reasons, it is important to me that my capsule wardrobes are well planned and in sync with the fashion seasons.  There’s an abundance of information online about the fashion seasons for Europe and America, but for us Australian ladies in the southern hemisphere, our seasons are varied, our holidays are different and stock is released at completely different times.

I have devised Australian shoppers guide to seasonal fashion. Delivery schedules vary slightly depending on state, the climate and the previous years sales performance, but this is a general outline of how it plays out throughout the year…Read More »