Does capsule wardrobing foster wastefulness?

Following my big shopping relapse which I accounted here, it was time to finalise my capsule wardrobe.

I took everything out of my closet, piled it on a chair. Then, one by one I put back the items I’d selected to rollover from winter to spring and neatly hung all of my beautiful new items to join each other side by side. I then toddled over to my spare room and busted into my stored items that are considered spring/summer collections with intentions of curating a few pieces to join the new capsule selection, making the most of what I already own.  Read More »


Defining the “why” of a smaller wardrobe

Whether you’re interested in a smaller wardrobe to inspire minimalism in your life, to create more spare time, to find your passion or to overcome a shopping obsession, something in particular would have inspired you. Living with a less in your wardrobe can be more than just a shopping ban or a spring clean. It can be a life changing experience. By clearing out the clutter, and diverting from the habitual fixation of constantly wanting more and more stuff, you will inspire within yourself a sense of gratitude and open up room in your life for more meaning.Read More »

Clothing, Fashion and our Identity

When I first introduced a capsule wardrobe into my life, I did so in fear. I wrote about my fears in this post; A passion for fashion and a fear of living with less.

As I wrote a particular comment in that article, it raised questions that have been dancing around in my mind ever since; “being fashionable is part of my personality” and “through seeking minimalism I fear I could lose my identity”. Is it sad or concerning that I assign part of my identity to the way that I dress and look? Read More »

Consuming less through gratitude for the present moment

In my pursuit of reducing my shopping habits, living with less and fostering more gratitude, I’ve reflected on things like perfectionism, image, consumerism, the constant desire for more and how all of this is a hindrance to mindfulness and living an intentional, meaningful life.

This week I came across a 21 day meditation guide with Oprah and Depak Chopra, and Depak’s reflections put my complicated thoughts into a beautiful meditation insight that is just so profound and resonated with me and this journey so greatly. I just had to share…Read More »

My Capsule Wardrobe and Non-Shopping journey so far | 13 weeks

Hi all!

Over the past few months I’ve shared with you all my advice and tips on what’s worked for me in tackling over-shopping and the benefits of a capsule wardrobe.

But today I thought it was a good time to reflect on my personal progress so far.

“The only good thing to do with advice is pass it on, it’s never of any use to oneself” | Oscar Wilde

I started with my capsule wardrobe on the 19th of April 2015. It was 6 months after the idea first came to mind and I had avoided the concept in fear that a capsule wardrobe would come between me and my love for fashion & looking stylish. Read More »

How to be Mindful with Spending through Tracking Expenses- Week 2

The past fortnight, I’ve been closely monitoring my expenditure using a pretty basic app called ExpensesOK. It literally takes seconds to enter details of money spent and assign expenses to categories which you can easily customise to suit you.

Based on my input over the past two weeks (my pay cycle is fortnightly), I’m astounded by how much I’m saving by spending less on clothing!Read More »

Living intentionally through defining our values

Through living with a capsule wardrobe, minimising and shopping less, I am learning to become more mindful about what I choose to come into my life and how I spend my time. I am noticing big changes in my surroundings and myself through making better choices from day to day.

The next question I ask, is how can we take this intentional lifestyle further than just day to day choices? How can we project intentional living into our long term lives?Read More »