The courage to share imperfection

In recovering from my over-shopping habits, the most progressive choice made has been reflecting on my choices, my mistakes and imperfections.

Having the courage to be open, to put it out there, and to reflect is ever so challenging!

My most recent accountability posts here and here were felt like pulling teeth. Some of my admissions on the OHH Facebook forum are painful and it’s ever so scary to click that “post” button.

There have been times I’ve gone missing from writing because it took deep courage to report back on my choices.

One of my first ever articles, The Full Story, is one I still can’t go back and read.

I am however a big believer that the human spirit is a beautiful one. That the majority of the time people show up in support of one another. Us human beings are more often than not intrigued and want to hear others’ stories of mistakes and trials to be there in a positive way. Read More »


Does capsule wardrobing foster wastefulness?

Following my big shopping relapse which I accounted here, it was time to finalise my capsule wardrobe.

I took everything out of my closet, piled it on a chair. Then, one by one I put back the items I’d selected to rollover from winter to spring and neatly hung all of my beautiful new items to join each other side by side. I then toddled over to my spare room and busted into my stored items that are considered spring/summer collections with intentions of curating a few pieces to join the new capsule selection, making the most of what I already own.  Read More »