Why Minimalism & a Capsule Wardrobe was the answer to my Shopping Addiction

bagsIn searching for a way out of my compulsive shopping habits, (you can read about the depths of my obsession here) I tried many options including knuckling down on debt repayment, overworking myself to repay debt, depriving myself by trying to go without.

I tried therapy, self help books and non shopping challenges. Throughout these pursuits to reduce my shopping, I would tell myself how stupid I was, how guilty I should feel and how much I was letting myself & loved ones down. I would regularly add up the debt and stare at the numbers for hours, drilling myself for my mistakes.

I kept telling myself things needed to change. But none of these methods worked.Read More »


Consuming less through gratitude for the present moment

In my pursuit of reducing my shopping habits, living with less and fostering more gratitude, I’ve reflected on things like perfectionism, image, consumerism, the constant desire for more and how all of this is a hindrance to mindfulness and living an intentional, meaningful life.

This week I came across a 21 day meditation guide with Oprah and Depak Chopra, and Depak’s reflections put my complicated thoughts into a beautiful meditation insight that is just so profound and resonated with me and this journey so greatly. I just had to share…Read More »

My Capsule Wardrobe and Non-Shopping journey so far | 13 weeks

Hi all!

Over the past few months I’ve shared with you all my advice and tips on what’s worked for me in tackling over-shopping and the benefits of a capsule wardrobe.

But today I thought it was a good time to reflect on my personal progress so far.

“The only good thing to do with advice is pass it on, it’s never of any use to oneself” | Oscar Wilde

I started with my capsule wardrobe on the 19th of April 2015. It was 6 months after the idea first came to mind and I had avoided the concept in fear that a capsule wardrobe would come between me and my love for fashion & looking stylish. Read More »

Are you a natural born minimalist?

A blogger I came across named Ivan, who also wrote a what I call a heartsong blog (when something really sings to me) about minimalism which is here, also made a comment along the lines of being a natural born minimalist.

YES! I thought as I read his comment!

He put into words what had been ticking in my mind for weeks now! I truly think minimalism and simple living comes naturally to me. Here’s why…Read More »

Living with Less to save money? Or so much more?

One of the wonderful benefits of living with a capsule wardrobe or embracing minimalism, is that owning less stuff and of course buying less stuff saves money.  For the first time in a very long time, I have money leftover at the end of my pay cycle. For the first time in a very long time the credit card account has a nil balance and has been that way for months. For the first time in a very long time I’m accruing decent savings, not for anything in particular or anything I have a deadline for. For the first time ever, I have a small retirement fund. Read More »

Inspiration to live intentionally

When I was rudely awakened by my a-ha moment that inspired me to be more grateful and live more simply, I started searching for others that were facing my same dilemma.

I found there was very little content out there in aid of female shopping addiction. There was not much in the online world that resonated with me enough to drive a lasting change.

Below are a range of quality resources that have been really valuable in my journey and might help you too…

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