Is your wardrobe value for money?

One of the most gratifying parts of keeping a capsule wardrobe for the first time, is that you notice items being worn again and again and again.

Unlike the outfit you bought and wore once scenario, your clothing truly gives you bang for your buck!


Tracking your best value & most worn pieces helps define what items deserve a larger chunk of your shopping budget next time.

I use my beloved StyleBook app to track what I wear each day. By entering the value of each item when it was purchased, the app calculates items most worn and best value for money per wear.

The results aren’t actually  surprising, they just reiterate the commonsense that I never had!!

Here are my most worn items after 91 days living with my capsule wardrobe (yep I’m at the three month mark!)…Read More »


How to be Mindful with Spending through Tracking Expenses- Week 2

The past fortnight, I’ve been closely monitoring my expenditure using a pretty basic app called ExpensesOK. It literally takes seconds to enter details of money spent and assign expenses to categories which you can easily customise to suit you.

Based on my input over the past two weeks (my pay cycle is fortnightly), I’m astounded by how much I’m saving by spending less on clothing!Read More »

Living intentionally through defining our values

Through living with a capsule wardrobe, minimising and shopping less, I am learning to become more mindful about what I choose to come into my life and how I spend my time. I am noticing big changes in my surroundings and myself through making better choices from day to day.

The next question I ask, is how can we take this intentional lifestyle further than just day to day choices? How can we project intentional living into our long term lives?Read More »

Tracking finances for accountability- why I only just started 

So I have a confession to make! I caved in!!

This week I purchased that workout sweater that I’ve been tormenting myself about, and a pair of tights that jumped into my shopping cart almost from left field. This purchase took me back to the days of trawling online and being tied up in knots over shopping  dilemma’s. I don’t like that space, whatsoever. The pangs of guilt to follow were big ones. The thing is, I thought I was well and truly on the way to being a reformed shopping addict. Turns out, I’m far from it!Read More »

Keeping a non-shopping list. Why you should have one too! 

In my recent post about what to consider when tempted to shop, I mentioned having a shopping list when setting out on a shopping mission, and to stick to it.

I definitely recommend the whole shopping list concept, especially to keep on track if you’re plan is to fill some capsule wardrobe gaps. Your first capsule gap-fill shop can be a dangerous one!

But what can be just as handy to keep yourself on track in making mindful and valuable purchases is having a list of what not to buy. Let me explain… Read More »

How to work gym outfits into your Capsule Wardrobe

Hi There! So, earlier this week I had a touch of shopitis aka severe shopping temptation! Cute workout gear was the culprit and you can read about my pain here. When I first started my capsule wardrobe, gym wear was not included in the big capsule cut or the “is it a 10 out of 10 & have I worn it in the past 12 months” test.

Of all the capsule wardrobe resources I trawled and assessed pre-cleanout, I’d established that because active wear is specific to one activity, it’s not flexible or adaptable therefore it doesn’t contribute to the capsule wardrobe. Read More »

Are you a natural born minimalist?

A blogger I came across named Ivan, who also wrote a what I call a heartsong blog (when something really sings to me) about minimalism which is here, also made a comment along the lines of being a natural born minimalist.

YES! I thought as I read his comment!

He put into words what had been ticking in my mind for weeks now! I truly think minimalism and simple living comes naturally to me. Here’s why…Read More »