The Verdict: Did living with a capsule wardrobe really help my overshopping habits?

In April this year, I started living with my 40 item (give or take) capsule wardrobe.

I decluttered majorly in all areas of my life, jumped on the minimalism bandwagon and put myself on a 4 month long shopping ban (which I did break twice).

For months, I posted articles about how I loved living with less, I loved having a capsule wardrobe. How spending less time and effort on clothing and shopping gave me time for other things and I adored. I was abstaining from shopping, payed down debts and saved a bunch; it was glorious. Hands down I had not one single negative thing to say about living with only 40 items of clothing and boycotting the shops!

But the time has come, where unfortunately, I have found the dangers of a capsule wardrobe for me and shop-aholics alike!Read More »


A capsule wardrobe ain’t perfect, and neither are we!

Hi there fellow capsule wardrober’s!

So… I have been a MIA compared to my usual twice weekly posts! What happened you ask?

The shopping guilt’s…that’s what happened!

See I’m a person of my word. Integrity is high up there on my list of values! And for almost four months I’ve been advocating living with less and the benefits of a shopping hiatus. From the word go it was however the plan to allow myself a little shopping for the ever important capsule rotation period. And that period is right now! So, sure enough I have hit the shops and bought a few new beautiful things for my closet. However the post shopping pangs of guilt have been tough, really tough. Shoppers remorse has hit me, BIG TIME!Read More »

Confession time!

My dear capsule wardrobe followers and shopaholics alike…

I have a confession to make…

I shopped!

For the second time in this capsule wardrobe shopping stoppage, I made some clothing purchases.

See my beautiful friend who is a fashion designer has taken a leap of courage, taken a career break and opened her brand new boutique store; Marvel Clothing.

Marvel (2)Beautiful shiny fashion torture right!?

One best-friend is on a shopping hiatus, the other is off sourcing fashion pieces and “buying” in the full sense of the word to operate as a fashion retailer.

I am ever so proud of my dear friend! And in support of this incredible venture she has taken on, I had long planned to support her in her opening week.

And luckily the opening date of Marvel was originally perfectly in time for my planned spring-summer capsule rotation week where I would allow myself to shop for a few pieces- that was before I pushed back my capsule wardrobe rotation date.Read More »

My Capsule Wardrobe and Non-Shopping journey so far | 13 weeks

Hi all!

Over the past few months I’ve shared with you all my advice and tips on what’s worked for me in tackling over-shopping and the benefits of a capsule wardrobe.

But today I thought it was a good time to reflect on my personal progress so far.

“The only good thing to do with advice is pass it on, it’s never of any use to oneself” | Oscar Wilde

I started with my capsule wardrobe on the 19th of April 2015. It was 6 months after the idea first came to mind and I had avoided the concept in fear that a capsule wardrobe would come between me and my love for fashion & looking stylish. Read More »

Breaking the shopping ban- Priorities redefined

So last week I did the forbidden. I’m a recovering shopaholic, set out to boycott the shops for four months. Only seven weeks in, I used up my hall-pass to pick up a few new pieces to fix some Capsule Wardrobe mishaps that I’ve written about here.

Now I’m done beating myself up over my little shopping whoopsie, the guilt is something I’ve also written about in the above mentioned. What I really want to share with you today, is the incredible observations made when shopping after seven weeks abstinence.Read More »

Capsule Wardrobe Gaps & Shopping Mishaps

So at week 6 of a 17 week capsule wardrobe mission, a capsule mishap became increasingly apparent… The black factor! The corporate component of my wardrobe is working wonders!  I have what feels like an abundance of much loved items being rotated through the wash, wear, and re-hang process from the nine-to-five selection (which is approximately 18 items by the way). But here’s the deal with my weekend wear… black jeans, black boots, black sweater, black jacket, and if I want to mix it up I could try the black cardigan… it’s getting a bit old, fast! Read More »

7 easy and sure ways to reduce the temptation to impulse shop

When my intrigue with living with less started, I confided in a friend who I knew would be supportive. Given that a big part of living with a Capsule Wardrobe is not shopping for a full season, knowing me well, she thoughtfully asked me a question; “what are you going to do to resist and prevent times of temptation?”.  I must admit it scared me and I doubted my ability to resist spending! Here’s a few things I did from the word go that helped stop the urge to shop:Read More »