Minimalism Bust. The shopping ban was over and so she shopped! Up. A. Storm.

My dear OHH followers and newbies alike. Recovering shopaholics, shopping ban battlers… I must tell you something. For I have sinned!

Oh yes people, ohhhh yes! I have experienced a relapse of mammoth proportions!

See, my plan for capsule wardrobe rotation was as follows…

  1. Identify what to keep in my wardrobe from winter to spring
  2. Identify what to take out of storage for spring
  3. Identify the gaps that need filling
  4. Shop for those gaps, mindfully, intentionally and within a reasonable budget (erm, keyword here, just keep in mind… reasonable!)
  5. take everything out of the wardrobe, and mindfully curate the options and place back in the wardrobe a selected 30 to 45 pieces
  6. allow another week to trial the selection and edit further if needed
  7. lock down the spring capsule wardrobe by the 12th of September

I dutifully started this process and here you can read about what I chose to keep on from my existing wardrobe. And here you can read about the gaps I decided required a shopping venture to fill.

At that point, step3,  I was very confused to say the least. I didn’t desire or long for hitting the shops. Shopping felt so foreign after months of avoiding their glittery shiny new-ness! I felt very lost and very much like I’d forgotten how to shop! Lets face it, shopping for me in the past has been all about frivolity and fun. Lest be honest, I was pretty careless in the past! I wasn’t sure being mindful was something I could do when released “into the wild”. I feared failure, relapse and the unknown! The adrenalin and excitement of a shopping trip evaded me. Such an odd and empty feeling that I’d never felt about the possibility of adorning beautiful new items. I was scared and hesitant.

I scoured online stores, browsed some shops and couldn’t comprehend the spring fashions and how they would fit in my capsule, which was at the same time seemingly becoming old and tired. I hunted excessively online for “smart” items that were wearable, mindful and practical and fit my “gaps”.

I built up the courage, and with a work trip to Melbourne I had the a perfect opportunity to use some after work time to set out with my shopping list, and complete the feared purchases.  And here comes the accountability….Read More »


SS2016 Fashion Forecast – Key Trends for Wardrobe Planning

Hi there capsule wardrober’s!

So with 4 weeks until my capsule wardrobe rotation, after pushing back my changeover date, I haven’t even started planning my Spring Summer Capsule. Why you ask?

Partially because Melbourne Spring Fashion Week kicks off on the 28th of August, when all the new trends and colours are defined for the season which will help make mindful lasting decisions about what to wear for the coming four months.

Also, I know if I look now I WILL see a gazillion things I want to buy. I am likely to be overcome by a rush of excitement and have my heart set on a bunch of things I just HAVE TO have.

I know if I shop in one week I will see a gazillion things I want to buy. If I shop in one month I will see a gazillion things that make my heart pump faster and the overwhelming desire to buy will set in. My point being… there will always be beautiful things to shop for and just as quickly they become out dated and unloved.

So I will plan my capsule wardrobe in my designated three week planning phase, the 28th of August through to the 7th of September with one week of tweaking before locking down on the 13th of September.

But what is a buzz right now as we lead into Spring and Summer here in Aus, is a huge amount of anticipation around fashion forecasting and what the big trends will be in the coming months. I’ve done a little research of my own, and devised a summary of a few key things that will be big in this SS!Read More »

Managing Your Wardrobe

Wardrobe management was a concept I had never heard of.

“What Now?”… “Did you say manage my wardrobe?”

In my mind, wardrobe management involved the following:

  1. buy stuff (lots of stuff)
  2. buy more stuff to match
  3. “Oh and you totally need those shoes to match too, then the outfit will totally work!”
  4. hang it up in the wardrobe (that’s if it doesn’t sit in the beautiful boutique shopping bag for a few days first)
  5. leave the tags on in case you don’t end up wearing it (so you can exchange it on next weeks shopping trip)
  6. hopefully wear it more than once
  7. move it into the spare wardrobe when it’s not loved any more
  8. struggle to donate or pass on unloved items for, ummm, at least 3 years

Now when I put it like that it’s ludicrous! But managing my wardrobe was never something I ever considered, which is so odd because I love being organised, I’m a typical type A personality, I love spread-sheets, planning and a clean tidy home and I’m a manager in my real-work life. So why on earth did it never dawn on me to assess, evaluate, review and manage the effectiveness of my wardrobe?

It baffles me why this wardrobe management idea went way over my head for so many years. It’s like… where was I when this idea came to town? The wonderful Debbie Roes of A Recovering Shopaholic is to thank for my epiphany that day that I began to manage my wardrobe!

I was reading one of Deb’s blog posts about her meticulous wardrobe inventory stocktakes that she regularly undertakes. I realised I didn’t even know what was in my wardrobe. I didn’t even like half of it, don’t wear half of it and I just have plain too much! I just buy stuff and add to the pile, mindlessly and endlessly.

So what does it mean to manage your wardrobe? Below are some links to some blog posts that sum it up perfectly.

Debbie Roes- Closet Purge and Inventory

The Vivienne Files- How Many Pieces of Clothing do you need?

And of course, keeping a capsule wardrobe has made my wardrobe actually manageable.

With a capsule wardrobe, I now know specifically what I need to fill wardrobe gaps next time I shop. I now feel good in what I wear and no longer have stuff that doesn’t fit or sits all odd and out of shape. I am now mindful about what items I wear often and what doesn’t tend to get all that much use. I know what I need to shop for and even more importantly, what I don’t need to shop for. My wardrobe is now value for money. I am more in tune with my personal style, the washing and laundry process is quicker and more efficient and my clothing is better cared for.

I feel like I love fashion more now that I have less. I feel like I have my own little boutique in my wardrobe that is regularly assessed for quality standards, wearability, fashionability. I am a seasonal buyer with the quarterly mission of keeping my little boutique on trend and catering to my market needs- my market is me! And the fun part, I get to shop my own little wardrobe boutique every day! 🙂

I’d be interested to hear if anyone else like me was also oblivious to the idea of managing your wardrobe… or was I the only one in the dark?