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If you have an interest in shopping obsession or living with less, your comments and thoughts are welcome and may help me to reflect and grow too!

I don’t claim to have all the answers. My writing about my personal journey is with the intentions to hold myself accountable and to take time out to reflect.

Starting a capsule wardrobe and a life with less can raise a world of questions! If you’re on the same journey, sharing with like minded people can be a wonderful thing. Feel free to should out, no matter how weird and wonderful your dilemma may be!

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4 thoughts on “Contact Jess

  1. Lovely work Jess I was a bit in mind of Carrie when I was reading your blog (and yes Mama is still on board) I have done fairly well with decluttering the house ready for the move but alas that wardrobe needs serious work xxxx

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  2. Dear Jess just found you via Debbie Roes so I shall take the time to read your tips etc. I am struggling with a ‘sale’ addiction. I have over 400 items of clothing. I know it is absurd! I have been going round in circles: the shame of the excess/feeling stupid, purging but then repeating my behaviors. I wish to stop shopping altogether for a while plus consign/donate a lot but am struggling with liking all I have. I am definitely ‘splitting my wears’ as Bridgette Rae’s would say. I appreciate you sharing your story. It’s hard to let go-i must find some comfort in the excess I guess.

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    • Hi Shelly!
      Oh believe me 400 items doesn’t sound that absurd. Letting go of the excess can be really difficult and I’m a big believer that you have to be truly ready, and when you are it just comes easily. It took me over 12 months to get from A to B. Hopefully some of my tips are of some help. Feel free to be in touch and let me know your progress and plan of attack! X


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