When I was rudely awakened by my a-ha moment that inspired me to be more grateful and live more simply, I started searching for others that were facing my same dilemma.

I found there was very little content out there in aid of female shopping addiction. There was not much in the online world that resonated with me enough to drive a lasting change.

Below are a range of quality resources that have been really valuable in my journey and might help you too…


Blogs and Websites

Debbie Roes- The Recovering Shopaholic

Hands down the best website I’ve found on shopping addiction and compulsive shopping. I thank Debbie Roes for her help and inspiration through her organised approach to quitting the bad shopping habits.

Courtney Carver- Project 333 and Be More with Less

Project 333 was where my inspiration to tackle my shopping habit which turned into a pursuit of living with a capsule wardrobe and simplifying my lifestyle. Project 333 creator; Courtney Carver also runs a second blog Be More with Less. Both are full of easy to read, inspiring posts about living an essential life.

The Minimalists

For a deep understanding of minimalism and sometimes raw inspiration, these guys are fab! For a quick insight I really recommend to start with their YouTube clip here


If you’re a fashion lover, looking for capsule wardrobe inspiration but not so much the whole nomadic lifestyle, Caroline from Unfancy has a charming blog that strikes a great balance between minimalism and fashion appreciation.




In my eyes, this one is a must have for great insight into the value of your capsule wardrobe. Stylebook helps with wardrobe mindfulness, outfit planning, and understanding your personal style. Upload pics of your clothing items and log daily what outfit you’re wearing for stats on your wardrobe use.



The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up – Marie Kondo

A beautiful book by tidying and decluttuering expert Marie Kondo. Marie’s approach to tidying is minimalism in it’s full glory with a focus on a peaceful functional home. Marie taps into all that minimalism is about with a unique and quirky approach that gives some insight into Japanese culture. Great book for when you are ready to spread your wings from a capsule wardrobe and tackle the rest of your home.

The Minimalist Budget- Simeon Lindstrom

An easy, absorbable read about how to apply your budget to your essential values and priorities, allowing you to minimise your life in a way that suits you. Simple read and easy ideas to put into practice or just consider.

Living Thin- Antonia Magee

An entertaining light hearted chick read about a woman who gets on top of financial woes in 12 months. This book is packed with practical financial advice that will help you to budget and pay off debt. This book helped me become debt free some years ago!



Bill Cunningham New York

A beautiful documentary that examines a world of fashion extravagance and how a key player in the New York Fashion industry is actually a man of simplicity and minimalism. A charming view of how one can appreciate the beautiful things in life without having it all.



Can you recommend any quality resources that have supported you to overcome shopping compulsiveness or to achieve a more intentional lifestyle? Please share below if you can recommend any others! I’d love to find more!






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