Make it your own! Make your Capsule Wardrobe work for you!

Make it your own!

Whether you’re interested in a capsule wardrobe to inspire minimalism in your life, to create more spare time or to overcome a shopping problem, you will need some hard and fast rules to keep you accountable and make this work.

But, as mentioned in the In’s and Out’s of a Capsule Wardrobe, this venture is not intended to leave you feeling completely deprived or frustrated. You may need to bend and shape the guidelines to suit you. Depending on what you currently live with, what you do for your day job,  how much you want to minimalise or how challenging you want the journey to be, your capsule journey will vary.

Here’s a few ideas of how you can adapt the concept to suit your needs:

  • Include or don’t include shoes and accessories. For beginners, particularly fashion addicts, excluding shoes, bags and scarves from the equation really helps your first capsule to be a successful one.
  • Allow a swap out. Allow yourself a week at a certain point in the season to swap some items in and out in case it’s just not working for you.
  • Include or don’t include evening wear. If you frequently get extra dressed up on a weekend, and this is a special treat for you, then disclude dresses and your fancier clothes from your capsule. My capsule has some dressy pants and heels that allow for going out for dinner outfits, but a night out with the girls allows me to reach into a separate special selection of dresses that hang beautifully in a spare closet.
  • Create 2 or 3 capsules. If your workwear and casual wear are from one spectrum to another and really can’t mix and match (for example strict corporate wear vs a adventure and hiking clothes on the weekends), then you may wish to make a couple of smaller capsules. This will allow more creativity and flexibility. For example 20 work items, 20 casual items, and 10 ‘nights out’ or ‘special event’ items.
  • Include or exclude uniforms. If your job or maybe second job requires a uniform, consider allowing the uniform items to be excluded from the rest of your capsule.
  • Shop or don’t shop for your capsule. Now my shopaholic friends, please be careful with this one!! But, if you feel that a few new pieces to kick off your capsule will help you to stick with it then allow yourself that treat. You will probably shortly find that it wasn’t necessary, but if it’s what you need to start the journey then it may be beneficial. Be very careful with this one though, otherwise it’s easy to repeat old behaviours and shop up a storm.

The rules are up to you. By defining why you are venturing on the journey of a capsule wardrobe, you will establish what you want to achieve and how challenging you need it to be to reach your goals. Be honest with yourself and keep yourself accountable, but don’t deprive yourself to the point of displeasure. It won’t be a success if you don’t enjoy it. A capsule wardrobe is truly a joyful experience if you make it work for you.

Have fun you beautiful unique thing you!

Jess x


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